Adjusting Tips

File management is the only way to keep you from going out of your mind. Here are some tips I used over my 26 years to keep my claims in control.


» Set up all your files with your file number 3 or 4 digit using a full tab file folder. Name and address with file number to far right.
» To the left of file number stack 3 full size 3M Post-it flags in this order green, blue then red on top.
» Red notes you have not contacted the insured yet. After contact move to inside of file.
» Blue notes an appointment has not yet been made. After appt set move inside file.
» Green notes you need to do your 1st report. After completed then move inside file.
» After this you can get creative and use the post-it flags higher up or in a different location to let you know. I used RED: Call insured BLUE: Need information GREEN: File ready to put together.
» This system allows you to look at 100 files to see the status. I used this system for 15 years with great success.
» Here is a very useful form that can be stapled to the front of the file folder.

Link: File Cover Form

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Map the files:

By far the best system I ever used was Street Atlas by Delorme with a lap top computer in your vehicle. You can map all the claims and put a flag with your file number at the street address. This helps when you are making appointments in specific area, or if you have some extra time after an appointment there may be a claim on the next street you may be able to fit in. After the inspection remove the flag/file number. This allows you to see what claims you still need to see.

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Prioritize the claims:

This is your call. Insured’s that are displaced, or businesses that are shut down should be a priority. Seasonal properties should be secondary. It is always a good idea to get to the business claims asap to let the insured know what is needed, and report weather a CPA, Salvor or Engineer is required.

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Inspection Suggestions

Get all your information and photo’s first. Then sit down with insured and explain what is, or is not covered along with claim process and what they need to do (see below Information Needed Wkst)

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Additional Useful Forms:

Information Needed:

This is a form to be completed letting the insured know what is needed to complete their flood claim. It is best to have them in a two part form. One for the insured, and one for your file.
Link: Information Needed

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Appliance Worksheet:

Form for listing appliances and hvac items.
Link: Appliance worksheet

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Contents Worksheet:

Form for listing contents
Link: Contents Worksheet

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Simsol Software Scope Sheets:

Two pages. Have double sided copies made. Use for each area being scoped. Order is the same as Simsol estimating software.
Link : Scope Sheets

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