There is no coverage for Decks, Docks, Land, Shrubs, Fences, Driveways, Sheds, Detached carports, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools & Equipment, Autos, Watercraft and Self-propelled vehicles or machines. Retaining walls are also excluded unless the wall is an integral part of the foundation. Hot tubs are only covered in a bathroom. The only allowance for decks is to replace the deck with a 4’x4′ landing, stairs and railings if they were attached to the deck. See attached link for the entire list.

Partial List: See above link for entire list

Land, land values, lawns, trees, shrubs, plants, growing crops, or animals

Underground structures and equipment, including wells, septic tanks, and septic systems

Those portions of walks, walkways, decks, driveways, patios, and other surfaces, all whether protected by a roof or not, located outside the perimeter, exterior walls of the insured building;

Containers, including related equipment, such as, but not limited to, tanks containing gases or liquids;

Buildings or units and all their contents if more than 49 percent of the actual cash value of the building or unit is below ground, unless the lowest level is at or above the base flood elevation and is below ground by reason of earth having been used as insulation material in conjunction with energy efficient building techniques;

Fences, retaining walls, seawalls, bulkheads, wharves, piers, bridges, and docks;

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