Public Adjusters

Flood Adjusters and Insurance Companies are all different. Some will provide a very generous claim, while other Adjusters and companies will make you fight for every penny.

If you decide that you don’t want to deal with the Flood Adjuster or Insurance Company you can hire the services of a PA (Public Adjuster) to deal with all aspects of your claim.

This is the ideal time to make the decision so as the PA can meet with the Flood Adjuster and agree on extent of damages, and cost to repair the damages. Condominium claims are usually very complicated, and a knowledgeable PA can be beneficial in presenting your claim.

Their fee is usually 10% of money recovered. On large claims the percentage is usually lower.

A good PA can insure you get every benefit you are entitled to under the policy.

Be careful when hiring a PA, and make sure to check out some references.

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